We're In The Streets


This past week we got to enjoy our amazing community here in Newberg. Being a church in Newberg gives us such a great opportunity to be a part of and contribute to the culture of Newberg.


Every year businesses in downtown Newberg stay open late and invite other businesses, non-profits, and churches in Newberg to come and be a part of the night. Walking down the streets you can check out all the awesome businesses as well as get your fill of candy and treats of all kinds! 


This year C3 Newberg had a stand in front of Velour. Velour, by the way, is a super cool vintage store you have to check out next time you are in Newberg. 


The two weeks leading up we stuffed hundreds of bags with candies and flyers and we handed everything out within an hour! The streets were packed with young adults, kids, and parents!


We had made bags for adults and kids alike and it was amazing to get to be a part of such a wonderful community event. We really look forward to each event and are so grateful to everyone who comes out and to our amazing volunteers who help make these nights possible. 


We are privileged to be a church in Newberg and to serve such an incredible community of people. 


If you were one of the visitors on Halloween night we would love to invite you to C3 Newberg on Sundays at 10 AM. We are a non-denominational, loving, and fun community. Our mission is to be 'A Church For The City, And The City For Christ.'. This means we are missional in taking care of our community and following after Christ. 


If you would like to learn more about C3 Newberg head to C3Newberg.com and check us out on Instagram @C3Newberg



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